Ttutahu Kobo (Ttsutahu work shop)


We believe that we can create something interesting if we gather together even though each one of us is clumsy.

In contradiction to a practical-mindedness, we gather together, give our opinions, produce something experimentally, even it seems an inefficient way.

We create items with our whole heart.
We believe it can come to tell counterpart message to which it presented and which is filled with feeding of hand.

Tsutahu work shop uchikake

☆Kitsune mask (Japanese traditional fox mask)

Kitsune Masks

↑We painted them on the market.

↓The Japanese paper masks that is made by taking a mold. All of these masks are our original design.

ouji kitsune

Tsutahu workshop mask


☆These are original hair bands having hair unit. You can be transformed into a Japanese princess in a few minutes.

Midori hime experience


To be continued…

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