Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2015


Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2015On November 11th to 13th. We took part in the Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2015 as a receptionist in Makuhari Messe.

We joined a variety of enterprises and introduced their products to the visitors.

Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2015  in Makuhari Messe

We were very outstanding while many people in business attire come and go.

Some people asked why we wore kimono as they passed. Another people asked for photo with us. We were very grateful for the visitor’s response.

Mass-Trans Innovation Japan

The company intended to impress customers by kimono receptionist. Many people became interested in that booth. Some staff said that this also lead to an image improvement of the company.

We differentiate ourselves by offering services in Kimono. It was well – received.  We would be very happy if there is anything we could help with.

at the reception

We will continue to devote ourselves to the heart of hospitality.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!


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