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現Utsutsu Party vol.1 ~Samurai Club~



The party really came alive after the dancing stage by Kimono Dreamers.
The next program was Samurai club’s performance!
We study the movement and way of thinking of samurai. We are learning the wisdom of ancient Japanese people.

The representative of the Saumrai club, Mr. Yasunari Kondo, teaches how to use swords and movements used in fight scenes.
The members gave a demonstration of their swords performance.


They performed the basic movement called ‘永字八法Eiji-happo’ on the stage.


Women members wore men’s hakama to give the sword performance. It is really cool, isn’t it?


Samurai Club Lesson Schedule:
June 13th, 2015 19:30~
August 2nd, 2015 14:00~

If you are interested in the Samurai Club, please do not hesitate to contact us through this mail form.


(All photos by Mr.Fukahori)






My Japan (Gong network)



We, tsutahu project, joined the movie shooting for web programs “My Japan” in the Gong Network.
Under the cherry blossom in full bloom.


First of all, Kimono Dreamers dressed up one of our members and explained all about kimono.

The reporter, Mr. David, said that kimono and cherry blossom surely match, and both of them are really beautiful.

I guided them to the famous cherry blossom places and talked about sakura and Japanese culture.

First, we went to Ueno Park. The cherry blossom in Shinobazu-no-ike has graceful branches. The view is really picturesque.

The weather was really nice that day and sakura was very pretty. I couldn’t help but taking pictures of them.

Then, Shinjukugyoen was the next our venue. What a busy schedule!

We made a film of the opening scene there. I had to do an unscripted interview without a rehearsal…
The last shooting place was Chidori-ga-fuchi.
We were so exhausted after the long walk. Finally, I made the closing remarks. It is secret what I said until it will broadcast.
By the way, I am wondering how they translate my comments into French. That is very curious…

It might be the first time that I admired sakura in full bloom, and also walked down the street with thinking about like “Well see…. what kind of sakura is this?”
I thought that Sakura is beautiful again. I am so glad to hear that reporters from France considered the cherry blossom and samurai as symbols for Japan.
One of our missions is to introduce Japanese culture to many people. Therefore, we are very happy to join the program. Thank you for this opportunity, David-san and Yoann-san!




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