Samurai Club

Samurai Club

We, Samurai Club, are interested in the movement and way of thinking of samurai. We are learning the wisdom of ancient Japanese people through katana sward.

For a lot of foreigner, and even for the Japanese, we offer cultural activities titled Samurai Sward action.
It is popular amongst many people regardless of age or gender. In addition, no experience required.
Our staff will help you wear on an obi belt. We use bamboo swards called takemitsu.

Let’s enjoy playing sward fighting with us!

Samurai Club 2

Contents of the lesson:

  • Basic movements of samurai
  • Kata (a form) training with a Katana sward
  • Samurai sward action in pairs

2,000yen per person (1 hour and a half)
*Payment in cash on the day

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Yoyogi, Tokyo

*Please wear confortable clothes and socks.

If you are interested in the Samurai Club, please do not hesitate to contact us through this mail form.

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