7月, 2015年

現Utsutsu Party vol.1 ~Experience of Japanese princess and Samurai~


Princess experience
We offered the experience you cannot enjoy any other way after the show stage during 現 ‘Utsutsu’party.

  • Japanese princess experience

Guests selected one of these uchikake kimonos, special wigs and props.
Then they were transformed into a Japanese princess in 3 minutes.

Uchikake Kimonos

It is not only for girls but also for boys. And it was actually very popular for boys…hehe! ↓


By the way, the picture was painted by Mrs.Hiro Maderna.
It was really beautiful scenery, isn’t it?
Thank you very much for your corporation Hiro-san!

Mrs.HIro Maderna's work


  • Samurai experience and photo shooting with props

Samurai Experience2

It got men’s attention. Since we had samurai club show stage before this experience time. Many guests tried to hold katana sword and posed while smiling. Members of Samurai club taught how to handle the sword and pose like a samurai. Don’t worry!

Photo Shooting with Props1

Guests also enjoyed photo shooting with varied props.

We are really happy to know that guests felt close to the Japanese culture through this experience.We provide visit services of this kimono experience for another events, companies and groups.If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us through this mail form.



My Japan (annonce)



Dans ce numero de MY JAPAN, suivez notre journaliste David Zavaglia en compagnie de Yasunari Kondo, directeur de Tsutahu Project, qui va vous faire decouvrir des plus beaux spots de Tokyo en cette saison des hanami, tout en vous apprenant de nombreuses choses sur ces fleurs emblematiques du Japon, les sakura.
Nous vous emmenerons voir ensuite Nanami Kondo sa femme, la chef des Kimonos Dreamers, qui vous en dira vraiment long sur les kimonos ! Votre presentateur prefere en portera meme un, et vous verrez, ca lui va vraiment bien !

Enfin, nous partirons a la rencontre du francais Julien Tirode, qui veut promouvoir la communaute franco-japonaise et internationale de Tokyo avec l’association Bonjour Tokyo ! Grace a lui, vous pourrez voir a quel point le hanami est une activite tres prisee des Japonais, autour d’un rassemblement au parc de Yoyogi !






現Utsutsu Party vol.1 ~shopping zone~



We had a shopping zone beside the stage. Five unique artists and a kimono shop joined our party.
Now, we introduce each artist and their works!
Original handmade accessories ‘GspLee

GspLee物販 出展者 GspLee様

Masumi’s cotton pearl handmade accessories

コットンパールアクセサリー物販 尾上様

Artist Mrs. Hiro Maderna

オリジナルうちわ物販 マデルナ様

Mizuki’s Tsumami-zaiku accessories ‘Fourseasons’


Karin’s Asian knot accessories


The popular and casual recycle kimono shop ‘Fuku-Fuku 福服’

物販 福服様
(She was selling kimonos in miko costume)
Many guests enjoyed shopping and talking with each artist
We want to continue collaboration with artists and shops.

Thank you for your corporation.


(All photos by Mr.Fukahori)



現Utsutsu Party vol.1 ~Samurai Club~



The party really came alive after the dancing stage by Kimono Dreamers.
The next program was Samurai club’s performance!
We study the movement and way of thinking of samurai. We are learning the wisdom of ancient Japanese people.

The representative of the Saumrai club, Mr. Yasunari Kondo, teaches how to use swords and movements used in fight scenes.
The members gave a demonstration of their swords performance.


They performed the basic movement called ‘永字八法Eiji-happo’ on the stage.


Women members wore men’s hakama to give the sword performance. It is really cool, isn’t it?


Samurai Club Lesson Schedule:
June 13th, 2015 19:30~
August 2nd, 2015 14:00~

If you are interested in the Samurai Club, please do not hesitate to contact us through this mail form.


(All photos by Mr.Fukahori)






Utsutsu 現 Party vol.1 !



On June 20th, 2015. We held the 現~Utsutsu~ party vol.1 at Dream store, Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Since we had just established the Limited Liability Company on June4th, 2015.  It was formally presented debutante of the Tsutahu Project LLC.
87 people came together at the party.  Many guests were gorgeously dressed up with kimono.
We became full of happiness and gratitude.
We appreciate your continuous support.  Thank you so much!
In addition, special thanks to Mr. Fukahori for taking beautiful pictures!
The party started from a welcome dance by kimono dreamers!
There were many characters like Miko, Queen, Oiran and so on…


First of all, on behalf of the company Mr. Yasunari Kondo extended his greetings.


We asked Mr. Fukuda who is the president of Fukufuku recycle kimono company propose a toast.


Kimono dreamers appeared on the stage one by one.  All songs are very nostalgic and popular in Japan.

Yumi played ‘Miko’ as the first performer. The song was ‘Taisetsu na

Anata 大切なあなた’.  She passed out written fortunes and prayed for guest’s happiness.


Sumire acted like a modern girl with the song of ‘Komacchau na 困っちゃうナ’.  Her cute fashion catches the guests’ attention.


In contrast, Karin wore a cool hakama and danced ‘Yozakura oshichi 夜桜お七’.  She showed both strength and weakness of a lady in love.


Mizuki danced Judy Ongg’s ‘Miserarete 見せられて’. She acted a woman who has an attractive smile and a coquettish behavior. She used eccentric fans for her props.


Botan danced to a tune of ‘Ran 乱’. She played a noble and beautiful Oiran with uchikake kimono. It is a remarkable thing that the kimono weighs approximately 10kg. She danced as if it were easy. (but I’m sure it is not!)


Kodemari is an actress. Therefore, she has an abundant ability of expression. She was just like a Japanese doll. The song was ‘Ningyo no Ie 人形の家’


Kikyo is the one who performed last!
She made all choreography for everyone’s dance.
She danced with a grace that surprised us all.


To be continued…

Photo by Mr. Fukahori




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