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Let’s go for an outing in Kimono with Bobbed hair!



We took a stroll around Oji town in kimono on October 3rd, 2015.

As you can notice, all of girls are bobbed hair in kimono.  We call this fashion “Bobly’s”. We enjoy kimono with bobbed hair and frequently go out casual parties, festival, park and so on..

Not only bobbed hair girls but also people who like kimono gathered and enjoyed an outing together this time.

We dropped in a festival, Oji shrine, Oji-inari shrine and cafe Kokoro.
We were very outstanding with this appearance in anywhere!


Check this digest movie as well!

We are looking for participants!
Let’s dress up and go out with us!

(All photos by Tetsunori Sakaguchi)


現Utsutsu Party vol.1 ~Experience of Japanese princess and Samurai~


Princess experience
We offered the experience you cannot enjoy any other way after the show stage during 現 ‘Utsutsu’party.

  • Japanese princess experience

Guests selected one of these uchikake kimonos, special wigs and props.
Then they were transformed into a Japanese princess in 3 minutes.

Uchikake Kimonos

It is not only for girls but also for boys. And it was actually very popular for boys…hehe! ↓


By the way, the picture was painted by Mrs.Hiro Maderna.
It was really beautiful scenery, isn’t it?
Thank you very much for your corporation Hiro-san!

Mrs.HIro Maderna's work


  • Samurai experience and photo shooting with props

Samurai Experience2

It got men’s attention. Since we had samurai club show stage before this experience time. Many guests tried to hold katana sword and posed while smiling. Members of Samurai club taught how to handle the sword and pose like a samurai. Don’t worry!

Photo Shooting with Props1

Guests also enjoyed photo shooting with varied props.

We are really happy to know that guests felt close to the Japanese culture through this experience.We provide visit services of this kimono experience for another events, companies and groups.If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us through this mail form.



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