Artistic Night



On March 14th, we, kimono dreamers and samurai club, appeared on the stage of Artistic Tokyo organized by Bonjour Tokyo.
Bonjour Tokyo held fun events on a regular basis.  Mr. Julien Tirode, who is good friend of mine by the way, is the representative of the community.


The venue is Laschicas House. It is very fashionable and the perfect place to gather. ↑
We brought some bamboo swords and kimonos because we wanted guests to feel close to Japanese culture.


We provide Uchikake Kimono experience at one corner. We concerned foreigner guests about shoes off area. But everybody understood that for us. (You sure are an expert!)
Samurai club explained how to handle sword to male guests and took commemorative photos.
I wish I could do the action of brandishing a sword if there is a room for it.


Unexpectedly, the uchikake kimono experience was very popular not only to foreigner guests but also to Japanese guests.
(This is fun for sure!)


What is more, kimono dreamers gave Japanese dance performances.


The time flew by,
The party was over.
We were very busy which means it was a great success… we guess




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